Madhava Kripa School was established in the University town of Manipal by the legendary Dr. T. M. A. Pai in 1962. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

A teacher has a significant role in the making of an individual human being, in the making of a society, a nation and the world at large. The teacher is like a visionary who plays a big role in the process of enhancing capabilities and generating interest towards development of the child’s individual potentials.  If a student connects with the teacher and if the teacher is inspiring enough, the potential of the child can be fully unleashed.

A parent knows his or her child best.  An involved parent recognizes inherent potential of their child and does what is needed to enhance the same. A parent always has the child’s best interests in mind.

If we, both parents and teachers,  pay attention to everything our child does, how our child sits, stands, thinks and responds to situations, we can understand and  recognize the  child’s needs  and potentials better.

Parent Teachers Association (PTA), is an organisation of parents and teachers. Its role is to encourage closer links between home and school.  When the parents and teachers combine towards grooming our children, the result can be very rewarding. As a part of social responsibility parents participate as Executive Committee members of the PTA.

MKS PTA events are aimed at bringing parents and teachers together to bring the best out of our children.  The PTA uses latest tools and best resources available towards achieving this goal.  The current president, Mr. Anup Naha has a vision of fulfilling the above goals through various orientation and training programs for our children, parents and teachers and various programs to create a closer bond between parents and the school.

Child development initiatives will help actualize the inert potential which is present in the child. We should make a world where every child can strive to achieve his or her full potential without parental, peer or school pressure. That takes a certain amount of dedication from parents, teachers and children. This will not happen if parents merely send their child to school and without the teacher’s whole hearted involvement with the child individually. When the parents and teachers make it happen, it makes a world of difference.  So let us work together towards making that world possible.